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JRNL - Journal Retention and Needs Listing: Exports

Describes the use and operation of JRNL

Exporting Data from JRNL

JRNL has a built in export function that allows users to export data for use at their institution. Users may be interested in exporting a list of titles by subject area. It may also be helpful to know if other institutions have gaps in their holdings if they are weeding a collection or if other institutions have committed to filling any gaps at your institution. Or perhaps a user uploaded title information and received errors. They may want to export that data for review and revision.

Data may be exported from the following tabs:

  • Title List - Bibliographic data about each title
  • Manage My Gaps - Gaps that your institution has listed to be filled
  • Offer to Fill Gaps - Gaps that other institutions have listed to be filled
  • Imports - Errors received after a data import 

Click on the blue 'export to file' link on any of the 3 tabs described above to export the data. The file will open in an Excel .CSV format.


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