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JRNL - Journal Retention and Needs Listing: Users

Describes the use and operation of JRNL

Tasks each user can perform in the tool


Institutional User Types:

Basic User:  Can view, search and export and can perform minimal gap-filling activities.

Read Only User:  Can view, search, and export but cannot change any data.

Technical User:  Can perform all functions available to the institution, including Administration of the institution’s account, once established.  Each account must have at least one Technical User.  


Administrative User Types:

PSAP Admin:  Assigned to staff of the Print Serials Archiving Print Program.  Can perform most functions available to the institutions but cannot change data supplied by the institutions associated with the PSAP.

Bib Admin:  Assigned to staff at the University of Florida who ensure the integrity of the bibliographic data in the JRNL database.  Other than Bib data, the Bib Admin cannot change data supplied by institutions.

System Admin:  Highest Administrative User, assigned to staff at the University of Florida, who oversee all aspects of the JRNL database.  Can perform all necessary functions in the operation of the database as needed, including add/edit/delete PSAP, Institutions, and User accounts.

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