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JRNL - Journal Retention and Needs Listing: Access

Describes the use and operation of JRNL


Signing on to the Journal Retention and Needs Listing (JRNL) tool requires that you first have a Google account.  The database uses a Google OpenID session to identify the user and present the user's customized view.  No email will be sent to this account unless the account is specified later as your institution's contact email.  A Gmail address may be used for your Google account, or you may create a Google account linked to another email address using

Once one or more Google accounts have been created, contact the JRNL system administrator at You will need to supply the system administrator with your Google ID, your institution, and your Print Serial Archiving Program (PSAP) affiliation. 

When your Google account has been associated with your institution, the system will allow you to continue to the main screen. 

If you are unable to authenticate, follow Google's procedures for reseting your password.  If you have successfully authenticated, but the JRNL application tells you that you have not been registered, check the Google ID that is currently logged on.  Only one Google ID may be logged in at any time.  You may need to go to and log out of one Google ID in order to log in using the Google ID you previously registered with JRNL.

Institution Contact Email

When your institution is initially configured in JRNL, an email address is required.   This email address will be used for sending you important system messages, statistics, and information about gaps. You may wish for these emails to go to a departmental mailbox so that multiple people within your organization can monitor the mailbox.  Only one email address may be supplied, but you may change it at any time.

*IMPORTANT* Some email systems might view this email content as spam. If you notice that this is happening to you, contact your email administrator for instructions on how to add to your "safe senders" list.

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