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JRNL - Journal Retention and Needs Listing: Oversight Committee

Describes the use and operation of JRNL


The JRNL Oversight Committee consists of:

  1. Up to two (2) representatives from each consortium;

  2. The Dean of the University Libraries (or designee) at the University of Florida (Convener);

  3. Up to two (2) administrative staff from each participating consortia;

  4. One or two developers of the JRNL (Non-Voting).


Dean of the University Libraries at the University of Florida (Convener):

  • Ben Walker, Associate Dean, Discovery, Digital Services & Shared Collections, University of Florida (

Developer of the JRNL (Non-Voting):

  • Chris Nicolich, Programmer, University of Florida (


Consortium administrative staff:

  • Tabatha (Tabby) Pursley, Head, Shared Collections, University of Florida/FLARE (

Consortium representatives:

  • Elizabeth (Lisa) Fish, Director, Rosenstiel School Library/Acting Director for Collection Strategies & Scholarly Communication, University of Miami (  


Consortium administrative staff:

  • Rebecca Crist, Program Coordinator for Shared Collection Resources, ASERL (

Consortium representatives:


Consortium administrative staff:

Consortium representatives:

  • Joel Smalley, Lead, Bibliographic & Serials Maintenance, Arizona State University (


Consortium administrative staff:

Consortium representatives:


Consortium administrative staff:

  • Matthew Revitt, Special Collections and Maine Shared Collections Librarian, EAST Shared Print Consultant, University of Maine (

Consortium representatives:

  • Sarah Glasser, Serials/E-Resources Librarian, Hofstra University (
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