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African Studies: MDP Sustainable Development

A guide to UF Libraries' research and teaching resources in African Studies. Feel free to let us know what would be useful to have included.

Library catalog search examples

Access to most databases & full text online resources requires login to campus network or VPN from off-campus networksYour results will vary based on selected options & limiters. Note that "everything" in a catalog search incl. articles only from a few general databases as well as books, dissertations, maps, videos). If a search returns more than a few screens of results, sort or add limiters (e.g. keywords based on most useful results).

Example searches in UF Library catalog

  • Keywords: "Ethiopia" turbine village
  • In principle this returns all resource types including book titles in catalog (but in this case all results are articles, chapters, reports, etc.)  (647 results)

Pro tip: review subjects found in book records of interest, using these to target similar items in subsequent searches

Subject (exact phrase): "Sustainable Cities and Communities"

Useful reference sources

Africa South of the Sahara by Europa Publications, Ltd.

Available online in the most recent edition, this general resource with detailed essays on Countries/Territories offers current and detailed information. One of the best starting points for regional and country-specific topics in college level research. Updated annually, with current contact information for government agencies, NGOs, press outlets, religious organizations, etc. Articles are signed by their authors.

EIU Viewpoint the Economist Intelligence Unit from the Economist magazine is a good complement to the coverage in Africa South of the Sahara (navigate to the Geography section, then Africa, and from there select the country of interest or alternatively select options at page top banners).

Specialized databases for MDP research

Sustainability Science Abstracts (opens in a new window)

An index of scholarly literature on sustainable development, human population and demography topics, and conservation and management of natural resources. For example, "sustainable agriculture kenya" returns 1,518 results.

GreenFILE (opens in a new window)

Covers all aspects of human impact to the environment, including content on global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more.

Practical Action Publishing (select African and Development e-books available in full text. Other titles require purchase.)

USAID DEC (opens in a new window)

DEC is free and available for use by the general public, research and educational institutions, the development community, as well as USAID offices and mission staff. DEC includes the regularly updated Development Experience System (DEXS) database containing more than 153,100 USAID-related documents, 63,100 of which are available for free electronic download. It also maintains special collections for USAID strategic planning documents, oral histories, handbooks, and user guides.

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