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Library Faculty Assembly: By-Laws Taskforce

The UF Library Faculty Assembly (LFA) is the official faculty body for College Level Shared Governance, serving all faculty librarians at the University of Florida. This Guide replaces the website at


LFA Bylaws Taskforce


To review the current LFA Bylaws and LFA Standing Rules and to present, to the LFA body, recommendations for changes. The taskforce will meet to review existing Bylaws and Standing Rules and suggest changes, which will be presented at an LFA meeting this fall (hopefully in November or December). The LFA body will vote on the proposed changed at the meeting after the discussion occurs.

Some things to consider: language regarding the composition and work of committees, for instance, do the documents reflect the current practice in terms of committee membership and start dates, if not, perhaps it’s time for an update.


LFA Bylaws (last revised April 2020)

LFA Standing Rules (last revised April 2020)


Current Volunteers/Taskforce Members, 2019-2020:

Mary Edwards

Susan Harnett

Melody Royster

Amy Buhler


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