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Environmental & Global Health: Toxicology

Suggested resources for environmental, occupational and global health


TOXNET  suite of databases on specific toxicology issues: 

Hazardous Substances Data Bank

Household Product Safety

ChemID Plus

Chemical Releases and Mapping

Developmental Toxicology

Risk Assessment

Archived no longer updated:

1) Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information Sysetm - carcinogenecity and mutagenicity tes results for over 8,000 chemicals 1985-2011    

2. Carcinogenic Potency Database - standardized analyses of the result of 6,540 chronic, long-term animal cancer tests 1980-2011

3. GENE TOX (Genetic Toxicology Data Bank) - peer-reviewed genetic toxicology test data for oer 3,000 chemicals 1991-1998.

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