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Guide to Researching in Florida's Colonial Papers: Spanish Colonial Period: Parish Records

By Jason Zappulla and James Cusick

The Colonial Parish Records of St. Augustine

Abstracts from the Spanish Colonial Parish Records of St. Augustine


These abstracts are the result of a research initiative of the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board in the 1970s.  Subsequent and more extensive work on the parish records has been done by the St. Augustine Historical Society and by the Vanderbilt University project on "Ecclesiastical and Secular Sources for Slave Societies."

The portions of these abstracts now available for online viewing can be found in the Historic St. Augustine website in the University of Florida Digital Collections.  

Baptisms, 1594-1763

Baptisms, Negroes and Mulattoes, 1735-1747

These abstracts are based on the original parish records held in the Diocesan Archives of the Diocese of St. Augustine.  They provide information about baptisms, marriages and burials in the First and Second Spanish Periods (beginning 1594 - 1763 and resuming 1784-1821).

Abstracts are not word for word translations from the original Spanish.  They are summaries of information found in the entries as condensed and standardized by the transcribers.  Researchers should consult the originals to verify information.



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