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Guide to Library research and resources in Jewish Studies

Remote Access Guidelines

To access electronic materials from any non-UF network you need to be logged onto the UF Proxy Server or the UF VPN client. The UF Proxy Server is a good way to get quick access to an article, but if you need to conduct lengthier searches then the VPN client is best. Access to both can be found through this page:  

Information for distance learners can be found here:   

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Center for Jewish Studies at UF

About the Center for Jewish Studies

The Center for Jewish Studies provides an undergraduate, interdepartmental curriculum which serves as a basis for understanding the broad spectrum of Jewish culture, religion, and civilization.

Through course work in various departments, students may acquaint themselves with areas such as Biblical Studies, Rabbinic Studies, Jewish History, Holocaust Studies, Early Judaism and Christianity, Gender and Judaism, Israeli Politics, Jewish Mysticism, Hasidism, Modern and Biblical Hebrew, contemporary Judaism, and Modern Hebrew Literature.

The Center offers both a major and minor through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. These may serve as preparation for graduate work in Jewish Studies and the rabbinate, as background for a career in Jewish education or community service, or as an area of special interest which enriches the undergraduate experience. It is also possible to participate in Study Abroad programs.

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