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Jewish Studies: Sephardic Jewry, Anusim, Conversos, Crypto-Jews

Guide to Library research and resources in Jewish Studies



Anusim: a Hebrew word meaning "the coerced". The term refers to Jews who were forcibly converted and their descendants.

Cristão-Novo: meaning "New-Christian" a term used extensively in Portuguese historiography

Conversos: a term meaning 'the converted.'

Crypto: refers to anything secret or hidden. The phrase "Crypto Jews" was used to describe Jews or people descended from converted Jews who continued to practice Judaism in secret.

Marranos: an offensive term meaning "pigs." It was used in Spain and Portugal to refer to people descended from converted Jews who were suspected of still practicing Judaism.

Meshumadim: a Hebrew term referring to willing converts from Judaism.


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Background Reading on Sephardi Jewry

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