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ASERL Center of Excellence (COE) Database: Signing On

Instructions for using the ASERL Center of Excellence (COE) Database

The Link

The ASERL COE database may be accessed through the following link:

Tip:  Which is preferred - a generic login for everyone or individual accounts?

Either can be used.  The Database will not prevent multiple people from logging in at the same time using the same credentials.  However, individual accounts offer the following benefits:

  • Users who leave the institution can have their access removed
  • If there is a question about an upload or other activity, it is easier to identify who did what and who might need additional training
  • If an accounts needs a password change, there is no need to coordinate this activity with multiple people




Signing on to the ASERL COE Database requires that you first have a Google account. The database uses a Google OpenID session to identify the user and present the user's customized view.

Once a library has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to become a Center of Excellence, the library is registered in the COE database and their status within the ASERL Disposition Database is edited to reflect their COE standing.  The Documents Coordinator at your institution can also request a login to the ASERL COE database by sending a list of Google accounts - along with your institution's primary OCLC symbol - to

When your Google account has been associated with your institution, the system will allow you to continue to the main screen.  There you can run various gap analysis reports, upload records to the ASERL COE database and view supporting documentation for the program.

If you are unable to authenticate, follow Google's procedures for reseting your password.  If you have successfully authenticated, but the ASERL COE Database application tells you that you have not been registered, check the Google ID that is currently logged on.  Only one Google ID may be logged in at any time.  You may need to go to and log out of one Google ID in order to log in using the Google ID you previously registered with the ASERL COE Database.

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