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ASERL Center of Excellence (COE) Database: Filters

Instructions for using the ASERL Center of Excellence (COE) Database


The following filters are represented in the report:

  • Library - Marc 049. The library's primary OCLC symbol and is pre-selected by default at login. Values are pre-populated from data contained in the records, as such, only libraries that have contributed records to the database are represented. This filter is the library against which the holdings of other libraries are compared.
  • Series Title - Marc 490. Free text.
  • Agency - Marc 909. This is a standardize agency filter using an abbreviation assigned to each agency, example: WPA (Works Progress Administration). Values are pre-populated from data contained in the records.
  • Title - Marc 245 $a, $b. Free text.
  • Holding Library- Marc 049. Free text based on library's primary OCLC symbol.
  • Limit to matches added after: - filters records by date they were imported into the database.

Please note:  The "Filter by Item Type" is in testing as part of a pilot project with HathiTrust.  In concept, this filter would allow a user to run a gap analysis report of their holdings to determine what items in their collection may be available in digital form.   Results from this report are currently not valid and the pilot is on hold (as of July 2014).

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