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ASERL Center of Excellence (COE) Database: Parts of the Screen

Instructions for using the ASERL Center of Excellence (COE) Database


The Main Screen of the ASERL COE Database consists of a header and four tabs.  On the left, the header contains a Welcome message, your institution's name and the primary OCLC symbol for your institution.  On the right, there is a link for Logging off of the system.  In addition, for libraries who are registered for the ASERL Documents Disposition Database, just beneath the log off link is a link to the Disposition Database.  This feature allows you access to both databases with a single login.

The four tabs are:

  • Reports
  • Import MARC Records
  • Search Records
  • Shared Documents

These tabs give you a one-stop view for the running gap analysis reports, uploading records to the database, searching records in the database and viewing supporting documentation for the CFDP.  By default, the Reports screen is in view when you login.

The four sections are described in more detail on subsequent pages.


How it looks

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