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ASERL Center of Excellence (COE) Database: Reports Results Screen

Instructions for using the ASERL Center of Excellence (COE) Database


Each report header includes:

  • The number of pages in the report, shown in the upper left
  • The library against which the report has been run; by OCLC symbol (in this example, KUK) and the title of the report
  • Option to scroll through pages or to select a specific page in the report
  • An option to export the report to file, on the left side of the report just above the Marc column heading

Data represented in the report, with Marc Source:

  • Marc Record (click to view brief item record)
  • OCLC number, 001
  • SuDoc, 086
  • Title, 245
  • Date, 008
  • Series, 490
  • Holding Library, 049
  • Conditions, 583
  • Primary Coporate Author, 110
  • Secondary Corporate Author, 710
  • Illustrative, 300
  • Format, 245



  • Click column header to sort.
  • Use arrows on slider bar to view columns left or right.
  • Click next, previous or last to scroll through pages of the report.

How it looks

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