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Pharmacy Graduate Students: Home

Library resources and assistance geared toward graduate students.

Introduction and description

This LibGuide contains information geared towards pharmacy graduate students and new researchers.  Some of the pages contain information relevant to all subject areas, while others contain links and information relevant to specific subject areas. 

FAQs, Tips and Tidbits.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions  Document ( link to PDF FAQ sheet) This is a printable sheet that contains the information below. 


  • If you are off-campus you must log into EITHER the VPN(downloadable software) or the Proxy (online login page) before you can access any of our databases, full text journal articles or e-books. You will find more information by clicking on Off Campus Access on our Homepage.
  • To log into the Proxy select Option 1 on our Off Campus Access Page.
    •  You can use EITHER your Gatorlink username and password OR your 14 digit library number(bottom of the Gator1 card) to log in using the online login page (proxy). This is Option 1 on our Off Campus Access Page ( there are 3 links to Off Campus Access on our homepage.
  • The VPN or equivalent software is available for free through UF’s Network Services at:
    •  Detailed download and installation instructions are at the site. If you need help setting up the VPN call 352-392-help. There is a link from our site if you click on Off Campus Access on our homepage. It is option 2.
    • There are also instructions for setting up the VPN on your mobile device.
  •  Lexi-Comp and Facts & Comparisons are not available through the Library, but through the College of Pharmacy and only Pharmacy students, staff and faculty can access these databases. If you are College of Pharmacy faculty, staff or student and don’t know how to access them contact the College of Pharmacy’s Office of Student Affairs. ( These are a gift to the College and can only be used for educational purposes)
  •  To find the textbook Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation by Briggs, look for it in the online catalog.
    •  Pharmacy students can also find it online in Drug Facts and Comparisons available through the College. Briggs monographs are included in the pregnancy information.
  • To create an Access Pharmacy Login click on the little down arrow to the right of University of Florida in the white box on the right side of the black toolbar at the top of the page
    • You must be logged into the online login page or VPN if you are not on campus to see this. If you don’t see University of Florida, make sure you are logged in.
    • Click on Sign in or Create a Free My Access Profile in the menu that appears when you click on the little arrow, which brings up a pop-up window.
      • Click on Create a Free MyAccess Profile.
      • Complete the form to create your personal login. You use this login and password to access quizzes, flash cards, and study questions. 
      • If you forget your Username or password click on the appropriate links in this box.
      • It may let you log in using it instead of the VPN for up to 90 days after using it while connected through the VPN.
  • If you are in PubMed and want to see if we have the article, change the display to Abstract. If there is a blue Find it @UF button you should be able to connect to the full text by clicking on it. If it doesn’t work or if you don’t see the Find@UF button , then double check the eJournals list.
  • You use the eJournal list to see if we have access to the electronic version of journal. You can use this method, if you already have an article’s citation. You can get to the eJournal page through links in either the Find menu or Quick Links on our Homepage.
    •  To find out if you can access the online version of a journal article through the library you need to type the journal’s title into the search box on the eJournals page on the Library’s website.
  • If you want to see if we have the journal or book in print ( or electronically) type the journal’s title into UF’s online catalog. In the online catalog there is a large red e on the icon or picture of the book or journal if the item is online or electronic.
  • If we don’t have an article or book electronically and you are a distance or off campus student, that is not based in Gainesville, you need to request it using the online Interlibrary Loan form or go through Loansome Doc. There is no charge if we do not own or have access to something for UF students, staff and faculty.
    •  The link to the online interlibrary loan form is on the Library’s homepage in the Quick Links at the bottom of the page in addition to being under Services.
      • Click on “ILLiad”
    • There are links under Services to both ILLiad and Loansome Doc in addition to UBorrow (print books only for people on the Gainesville Campus) under Services in the toolbar on our Hompage
    •  Using ILLiad
      • The first time you use ILLiad, our Interlibrary Loan system you will need to register.
      • Complete the online form to order an article, book or chapter.
      • If we have a hard copy of a book and you are not based in Gainesville, we will send it to you via “snail mail”. It will take a minimum of 5 days. If all you need is a chapter, we will send it to you as a pdf. We will not send required textbooks. You will need to pay for return postage
      •  We can only copy a single chapter in a book and one article per journal issue.
    •  If UF doesn’t have a book and you need it, plan on it taking a minimum of 10 business days to get to you and then normally you can have it for about 2 weeks. (This is a loan! Whether we can renew it, depends on when it is due back at the library that lent it to us.) If the book is only available as an e book we may not be able to get it.
      •  You are responsible for the mail charges to return it to us.
    •  If you are in Jacksonville check with the Borland Library on our Jacksonville campus, to see if they have the item in print or if they can get it for you.
  • If you are based in Gainesville and the journal or book is physically in one of the libraries on campus, you need to go to that library and retrieve it yourself. We will not get items that are physically in our library or in other libraries on campus for students or faculty based in Gainesville.
    •  Exception: Students who are on rotations out of town are considered distance learning students.
  • Alternatives to UpToDate, which is only available if you are off campus by logging into the VPN:
    •  StatRef: Essential Evidence
    • AccessMedicine: Quick Answers Tab

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