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Pharmacy Graduate Students: General Databases and resources

Library resources and assistance geared toward graduate students.

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This page contains general databases that go across multiple disciplines in pharmacy including but not limited to: pharmaceutical/ biomedical education, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical pharmacy, pharmacy management, pharmacy regulation/policies, pharmacy practice,  pharmacogenetics, pharmacovigilance,  and pharmacoeconomics.  

General Databases for Pharmacy

Pharmacy Resources

Drug Monographs- Full Text Drug Information

Database Help & Tutorials

Databases & Free Websites

There are two documents. One contains databases to which UF subscribes and the 2nd one is a list of free websites that you might find useful after you graduate, including ones that contain free full text journal articles.You need to double check the commercial drug information sites for their authoritativeness and currency. Check with your instructor for the acceptability of the .com sites before using for an assignment.

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