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Women's & Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies research takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of gender, its function in cultures and societies, and its intersections with race and class.

Women's & Gender Studies Databases

Key Databases (Please note, you must be on campus or connected via the Proxy or VPN to access the key databases listed below)

  • Defining Gender Provides access to a vast body of original British source material that will enrich the teaching and research experience of those studying history, literature, sociology and education from a gendered perspective.
  • Everyday Life and Women in America  c. 1800-1920 Showcases unique primary source material for the study of American social, cultural, and popular history in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Gender Studies Collection  The database offers access to scholarly journals and magazines covering topics including gender studies, family and marital issues, and more.
  • GenderWatch  Provides coverage of the subjects that are uniquely central to women's daily lives, and of the impact of gender and gender roles on the arts, popular culture and media, business and work, crime and criminology, education, research and scholarship, family, health care and medicine, politics, policy and legislation, pornography, religion, sexuality and sexology, sports and leisure.
  • LGBT Life with Full Text  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) with Full Text) Online. Indexes the world's literature regarding Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender issues, including the most important and historically significant GLBT journals, magazines, regional newspapers, and monographs. GLBT Life was created with the assistance of the One National Gay & Lesbian Archives, which holds a very significant collection of archival and present content in the area of GLBT studies.
  • North American Women's Letters and Diaries Includes the immediate experiences of 1,325 women and 150,000 pages of diaries and letters.
  • Sylvia: "Inspired by Sylvia Plath's tenacity and curiosity, this growing resource of hand-selected entries identifies recent books for researchers, scholarly editions, selected memoirs, and notable works for a general audience. Records include citations that can be copied and inclusive subject categories linked to related material."
  • Web of Science Provides access to the world's leading citation indexes.
  • Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600 - 2000 The collection of primary resourses currently includes 94 document projects and archives with more than 3,750 documents and 150,000 pages of additional full-text documents, and more than 2,100 authors.
  • Women's Studies International  Women’s Studies International supports curriculum development in the areas of sociology, history, political science & economy, public policy, international relations, arts and humanities, business and education. Nearly 800 essential sources include: journals, newspapers, newsletters, bulletins, books, book chapters, proceedings, reports, theses, dissertations, NGO studies, important websites and web documents and grey literature from 1972 (and earlier) to the present.

Selected Online Bibliographies and Resource Guides

Selected Online Bibliographies and Resource Guides



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Online Reference Sources

Reference books are great sources:

  • to help you choose and/or refine your topic;
  • to provide an overview;
  • to find additional primary and secondary resources.

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