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Library Event and Conference Planning: Home

Use this guide to help you create an event plan, manage your budget or fiscal processes, order food, reserve hotel rooms, etc.

Planning Steps

Planning, implementing, and hosting conferences or other library events can be a challenge, but this guide can help you understand the steps involved as well as the local expertise available to assist. 

Initial planning steps will vary based on the size of the event and whether your are planning in partnership with a professional organization. Steps may include:

  • Creation of a project timeline, program timeline, and budget
  • Select your event dates (be mindful of holidays, football games, other Libraries events, etc.)
  • Development of a website
  • Reserving venue (conference space and hotel rooms)
  • Navigating fiscal steps (reimbursements, honorariums, purchases, etc.)
  • Utilizing Division of Conference Services for registration
  • Development of marketing materials
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