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Library Event and Conference Planning: Miscellaneous

Use this guide to help you create an event plan, manage your budget or fiscal processes, order food, reserve hotel rooms, etc.


Exhibits and Displays:

Consider creating an associated exhibit within the conference location.  Exhibit and display cases are found in most library locations.  For more information on planning an exhibit:


IR@UF and Conference Materials:

Consider utilizing the IR@UF for preserving conference presentations and papers. Be sure and have your speakers sign the Speaker Release Form

Supporting Your Speaker

Communicate with your speaker in advance about the details

  • What time should they arrive?
  • How long is the talk?
  • What is the structure of the event?
  • If a Zoom, what time will you open up the event to the audience? 
  • Details to mention to the audience, if relevant:
    • Provide language that welcome's attendees and, if in Zoom, potentially ask where people are joining from.
    • Communicate Zoom guidelines or provide information on where the bathrooms are located, if a face-to-face event
    • Are you prioritizing underrepresented or student voices?  If so, ask them to begin their question with an asterisk (*).
    • Share links related to the talk during the session (have someone assist you)
    • If interested in collecting feedback on the event, talk to Laura Spears for assistance. 
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