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Library Event and Conference Planning: Fiscal Supports

Use this guide to help you create an event plan, manage your budget or fiscal processes, order food, reserve hotel rooms, etc.

Working with Sponsors

If you are working with Conference Services, steps include:

  • Create a sponsorship invoice (ask your Conference Services liaison to assist you)
  • Create a brochure, or email template, for potential sponsors. The template should outline sponsorship opportunities and the value of sponsorship.
  • Have potential sponsors fill out the form. Ask the sponsor to send you web and print friendly logos. 
  • Send the form to Conference Services for processing.
  • Add the logos to the website to publicize sponsorship.
  • Tips:
    • vendors/sponsors often don't commit until the final months before the conference. Send reminders to non-responsive vendors/sponsors. 
    • Check your Conference Services reports to ensure that sponsorship invoices are processed in a timely manner.  It is also recommended you maintain an accurate and up-to-date spreadsheet of sponsorship commitments.

Honorariums and Travel Reimbursement for Speakers

There are several different approaches to funding invited speakers:

  • Honorariums: Create a Grover for Fiscal Services and provide the event details, amount of the honorarium, source of funds, and name/contact information of the speaker.  Library Fiscal Services will reach out to the speaker and ask for additional information.  Honorariums are paid out 10 days after event. 
  • Travel Reimbursement: Create a Grover for Fiscal Services and provide event details, amount of expected travel reimbursement, source of funds, name/contact of the speaker.  Library Fiscal Services will reach out to the speaker and ask for additional information. The invited speaker will need to maintain flight receipts.  Fiscal Services can book the hotel or pay for the flight as needed. 
  • International visitors: Visitors from other countries are more complicated.  Reach out to Fiscal Services immediately if you are planning international visitors. 
  • Complementary Registration: Consider offering invited speakers complementary registration which can be coordinated by Conference Services. Complementary registration helps maintain accurate headcounts. 
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