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The Native Struggle for Justice in the Spanish Empire: Cuba

This guide includes primary and secondary resources for the class "The Native Struggle for Justice in the Spanish Empire" (LAH4930).

Cuba Pre-1900

de Tapia, Lope. 1639. A document written by Lope de Tapia, regarding the service of Don Diego Luis Riano y Menesses in Cuba.

Charles IV, King of Spain: Real Cedula to Cuba. An official copy of a real cedula expressing the King of Spain's displeasure toward interracial marriages in Cuba. MS Group 302.

Barreto y Cardenas, Jose Francisco: Petition to King Ferdinand VII. 1814 October 10. Spanish nobleman says that enemies are blocking him from the Countship of Motox.

Parker, John: Letters. 1815. Three letters from Parker in Havana, Cuba, to his employer, A. C. Johnstone, discussing slave, coffee, sugar, and other markets in Havana.

José Antonio Saco Letters. 1837. Letters written by the Cuban intellectual José Antonio Saco documenting his abolitionist efforts during his residence in Europe.

Informe sobre las contribuciones de la Isla de Cuba : dado a pedimento del Excmo. S.D. Antonio Larrua, intendente de la Habana. 1841. This booklet gives the reader a glimpse into 19th-century Cuban economy: sugar production, slavery, and the role of the intendant.

Guiteras Font, Eusebio: Album de viaje. 1842-1845. Three journals of notes by Eusebio Guiteras Font about his journey with Antonio Guiteras Font from their home in Matanzas, Cuba to the United States, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, the Holy Land, and Egypt.

Convento de San Francisco. 1844. Document describing transactions of money and land between various individuals and the Convento de San Francisco in Havana, Cuba.

Cuban Slave Death Certificates and Burial Letters Collection. 1852-1898. The collection includes 28 document; some are letters of slave owners to the priest of the church of Montserrat in La Habana, Cuba; others are death certificates of slaves, runaway slaves, and free persons of color issued by the Real Hospital de Caridad de San Felipe y Santiago.

Cuban Slave Insurance Collection. 1855-1878. Seventeen documents pertaining to insurance for slaves in Cuba.

Hile, B. S.: Correspondence. 1861-1862. Letters written by B. S. Hile to his family while he was living and employed in Havana, Cuba.

Chinese Indentured Workers in Cuba Contracts. 1861-1878. The collection houses 25 Cuban contracts spanning from 1861 to 1878 for Chinese indentured workers. The contracts hail from different parts of Cuba and include personal information about the workers as well as information regarding the conditions of the contract and special provisions.

Prats y Salas, Antonio: "Advertencia. La presente reseña de los acontecimientos..." . circa 1863. Manuscript "Advertencia" by Antonio Prats, describing the events that resulted in his arrest during the period of political unrest leading up to the 10 Years War in Cuba.

Oberly, Aaron S. Letter describing Havana, Cuba, 1865. Manuscript letter written aboard the U.S. Steamer Santiago de Cuba by U.S. Navy Assistant Surgeon Oberly describing the people, the climate, the music, and the activity on the roads and docks of Havana. 

Spanish Volunteer Military in Cuba: Military papers. 1869-1897. Correspondence, finanical records, and official documents that reveal the presence, organization, and activities of the Spanish volunteer military in Cuba.

Factura para el cafetal La Criolla y sus esclavos. 1871. Bill of sale for the coffee plantation La Criolla and its slaves.

Rodriguez, Jose Ignacio: Papers. 1873-1890. Letters and documents of lawyer who represented clients whose property was seized by the Spanish government as retribution for their support of Cuban independence.

Adams, James M.: Pioneering in Cuba Papers. 1882-1909. Notes and letters detailing Adams's trip and stay in Cuba during the first American colonization attempt of La Gloria. The letters and notes of his experience would later be put into his book Pioneering in Cuba, which is also included.

Sanchez, Bernabe. Letterbook, 1898-1900. A letterbook containing copies of letters written by cattle rancher and financier Bernabe Sanchez of Cuba between 1898 and 1900.

Juan M. Ceballos Business Letters. 1855-1856. Collection of business letters that deal with the affairs of Juan M. Ceballos's company.

Cuban Economy












Royal Havana Company: Collection. 1749. Royal Havana Company was a Spanish company based in Havana, Cuba, which specialized in shipbuilding and trading of tobacco and sugar. This collection includes notes about shipments of tobacco and a letter penned by Martin de Arostegui defending his role as president of Royal Havana Company.

Informe sobre las contribuciones de la Isla de Cuba : dado a pedimento del Excmo. S.D. Antonio Larrua, intendente de la Habana. 1841. This booklet gives the reader a glimpse into 19th-century Cuban economy: sugar production, slavery, and the role of the intendant.

Matanzas-Sabanilla Railway Extension Collection. 1843. Cuban manuscripts from 1843 documenting the negotiations for the construction of the Matanzas-Sabanilla railway extension passing through important sugar refineries in Cuba.

Braga Brothers Records. 1860-1984. Business records of the Czarnikow-Rionda Company and its affiliates. The collection documents the development of the Cuban sugar industry from the 1870s to 1960.

Don Juan Elías Maigrot Documents Relating to Rights over Sugar-refining Technology. 1861-1871. Eight nineteenth-century Cuban manuscripts confirming entrepreneur Don Juan Elías Maigrot's patent for a new sugar-refining technology.

Business Letters Describing Cuba Financial Market. 1867-1871. Correspondence from agents in Cuba reporting on business and market conditions to merchants in Portland, Maine.

Taco Bay Commercial Company Records. 1908-1919. Correspondence, financial records, and stockholders' reports of the company's agricultural enterprises in Cuba.

Cuban-American Land and Lumber Corporation Papers. 1920-1925. This collection includes 12 letters and documents (20 folios), a map, and one photograph related to the Cuban-American Land and Lumber Corporation's business in Cuba, specifically the timber and lumber market.

Cuban Sugar Workers and Sugar Mills Photographs (by Arnold Eagle). circa 1950-1960. Photographs, negatives, and prints taken by Arnold Eagle detailing views of sugar mills, workers, and life in the countryside of Cuba. 

Cuban Miscellanea

Cartoon History of the Spanish American War, 1898. (Crawford, Blanche S. author)

Antología de poesía del siglo XIX, circa 1879-1880.

Ship broker Edward A. Sánchez contract of agreement to charter the American brig, Jennie Phinney, 1879 January 23. (Sánchez, Edward A. author)

Proclamación hecha por el Secretario del Partido Unión Constitucional (PUC) a los habitantes de Calabazar, Ceja de Pablo, Quemado de Giiines y Rancho Veloz en Cuba, 1878 September 18 (Aguilera y Zayas, Gabriel author)

Letter written by Alexander Graham Dunlop to Lord Augustus William Frederick Spencer Loftus, 1875 November 30. (Dunlop, Alexander Graham 1814-1892 author)

Informe sobre el estado del ferrocarril de Cienfuegos a Villa-Clara en agosto de 1864 comparado con el que tenía en el 1° de enero de 1860, 1864 September. (Fernández de Castro, Manuel 1825-1895 author)

Boleta de tránsito a favor de D. Marqués D.J. Lane, 1865 November 15. (Gobierno Político de la Habana author)

Stevens Brothers letter book on sugar commerce with Cuba, 1858 March-1860 October

Reglas para el gobierno de los Capitanes y Sobrecargos de buques españoles y extranjeros involucrados en el comercio de importación en los puertos de la Isla de Cuba. circa 1850-1860.

Circular regarding trade relations between the United States and Cuba , 1834. (Tacon, Francisco author)

Bill of landing for a shipment of cargo from Cuba to Russia, 1825 May 13. (Atkins, Isaiah M. 1772- author)

Letter book of the Brig Barbara kept by Ship Master William T. Stevenson II, 1821 December-1822 December. (Stevenson II, William T. author)

An unknown and unpublished letter by a Scottish spy in Cuba: addressed to Henry Dundas, 1800 May 22.  1 letter (3 pages) (Richmond, John author)

Angrick II, William P.: Collection of Latin American and Caribbean Stereographs. 1860, circa 1890-1910. Collection of 18 stereograph images showing scenes and views from South American countries, Cuba, Jamaica, and Florida.

Spanish-American War Photographs. 1898. Images from the Santiago region of Cuba and the Tampa Bay region of Florida during the Spanish-American War.

Hughes, Paul A.: Collection of Caribbean Stereographs. 1898-1903. This collection includes 88 stereograph images showcasing scenes and views of the Greater and Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea

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