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The Native Struggle for Justice in the Spanish Empire: Friars & Priests

This guide includes primary and secondary resources for the class "The Native Struggle for Justice in the Spanish Empire" (LAH4930).

Diego Durán (ca. 1537-88)

Spanish Friars

Andrés de Olmos (ca. 1491-1570)

Juan Bautista (1555-1615)

Pedro de Feria (1524-1588)

Juan Suárez de Peralta (1537-after 1589)

Francisco Javier Alegre (1729-88)

Juan de Torquemada (1564-1624)

Illustration in Fray Juan de Torquemada's Monarquía Indiana


Pedro Ponce de León (ca. 1510-1584)

Toribio de Benavente (Motolinía) (1482/91-1569)

Jerónimo de Mendieta (1528-1604)

Criollo & Mestizo Friars


Diego Muñoz (1550-1610)

Antonio Tello  (1564?-1633?)

Agustín Dávila Padilla (1562-1604)

Francisco de Burgoa (1605-81)

Antonio de Remesal (1570-1639)

Juan de Grijalva (1559-1638)

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