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The Native Struggle for Justice in the Spanish Empire: Conquest Accounts by Spaniards: Other Regions

This guide includes primary and secondary resources for the class "The Native Struggle for Justice in the Spanish Empire" (LAH4930).

Central America

Gil González Dávila (?-1526)

Juan Vázquez de Coronado (ca. 1525-65)

Pascual de Andagoya (ca. 1498-1548)

Pedro de Alvarado (ca. 1486-1541)

Diego García de Palacio (fl. 1576-1587)

Martín Alfonso Tovilla (fl. 1623-44)

Andrés de Avendaño y Loyola (fl. 1695-1705)

Agustín Cano (1651-1722)

Juan de Villagutierre Soto-mayor (fl. 1701)

Northern and Western Mexico (including Florida)

Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán (ca. 1485-ca. 1560)

Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca (ca. 1510-58)

Marcos de Niza (fl. 1531-43)

Baltasar de Obregón (1544-?)

Domingo Lázaro de Arregui (17th century)

Francisco Mariano de Torres (fl. 1755-66)

Map of Hispaniola

Cuba insula ;


Cuba Insula, Hispaniola Insula


Diego de Landa (1524-1579)

Pedro Sánchez de Aguilar (1555-1648)

Andrés de Avendaño y Loyola (fl. 1695-1705)

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