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FLORIDA HISTORY RESOURCES: Organization of the P.K. Yonge Library


Most books and journals in the Yonge Library can be found in the online catalog.  Special websites have been created to locate maps and manuscripts.


The Yonge Library has retained its card catalog and calendars.  The card catalog can be used to locate any book acquired prior to 1998.  It also can be used to locate materials on microfilm.  A supplementary section identifies biographical sources for noted writers, politicians, business people, etc., by last name.

Three major card calendars provide English-language indexes to the contents of the Spanish colonial records on microfilm.  The collections indexed are the East Florida Papers and the Papeles de Cuba, which primarily cover colonial Florida after the American Revolution, and the John B. Stetson Collection, a selection of documents from throughout the colonial period.  Other card files provide information on smaller collections related to the colonial period.


Library of Congress Call Number System

An abbreviated list of major call numbers follows:

BF - BX   Religious History

CS   Family History

D    World War II

E99  PreColumbian America

E100s  Spanish Exploration and Conquest

E185   Race Relations / Civil Rights

F311   Florida History (General)

F314   Colonial Florida

F316   Modern Florida

F317   Regional History

F319   Regional History

HE  Transportation

HV  Crime

JK   Politics

KF   Law

ML  Music

PN - PZ  Media / Literature

QC Hurricanes

QH - QL Natural History / Environment

The Call Number System

The P.K. Yonge Call Number System for Books

Until 1998, the Yonge Library used a modified version of the Dewey Decimal System to shelve books.  Since 1998, it has used the Library of Congress System.

It is possible to search the online catalog by call number (this is one of the options, along with author, title, etc.).   Since call numbers tend to group books that have similar topics or subjects, searching or browsing by call number is a good way to see the range of books available on a topic. 

This is a shortened version of the Dewey System used to organize the Florida history collection:

F.01   General History

F.02   Spanish Exploration and Colonization

F.03   The British Period

F.04   The Second Spanish Period

F.05   The Southeastern Indians

F.052   The Seminole Wars

F.06   Territorial Florida and Early Statehood

F.07   Florida and the Civil War

F.08   Reconstruction

F.09   Modern Florida

F.091   Early Promotional Materials to 1900

F.092   Travel and Description to 1900

F.093   Travel and Description, 1900-1940

F.094   Travel and Description, 1940-

F.2   County and City History

F.3   General Descriptions, entire state

F.4   General Descriptions, East Coast

F.5   General Descriptions, West Coast

F.6   General Descriptions, Panhandle

F.7   General Descriptions, Central Florida

F.8   General Descriptions, South Florida

F016   Reference Materials

F280s  Religious History

F310   Census

F326   Slavery and Race

F329   Early Political Parties

F331   Labor

F333   Lands

F336   Public Finance and Taxes

F338.1   Sugar Industry

F338.6   Tourist Industry

F342   Constituional History

F352   Municipal Government

F354   State Goverment Publications

F360s  Social Welfare

Call Numbers (Continued)

F370   Education

F385   Railways

F386   Waterways

F387   Oceans and Shipping

F388   Highways and Roads

F551   Geology (General)

F551.3    Erosion

F551.36  Coastal Change

F551.4    Everglades

F551.42  Islands

F551.44  Caves

F551.47  Gulf Stream

F551.48  Rivers and Lakes

F551.49  Water

F551.55  Storms and Hurricanes

F551.92  Water

F551.96  Coral Reefs

F551.97  Plants

F552  Mineral Industries

F560s  Animal Life

F582   Forestry and Trees

F583   Flowering Plants

F585  Cypress

F590  Fauna

F593  Sponges

F594  Mollusks

F595.1  Worms

F595.3  Anthopeda

F595.4  Arachnida

F595.7  Insects

F597 Fish and Fisheries

F598.1  Reptiles

F598.2  Birds

F599  Mammals

F613  Climate and Health

F630  Agriculture (General)

F32.7   Insect Threats

F633  Field Crops

F634  Citrus

F635  Vegetables and Garden Crops

F636  Livestock

F674  Timber Industry

F677  Dairy

F720  Architecture

F799  Hunting, Camping, Fishing

F813  Literature

F913  Archaeology

F973  General U.S. History

F975  Southern History

FA  Serials and Journals

FB  Biography

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