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ASERL Documents Disposition Database: FDLP eXchange

A short guide to using this tool

FDLP eXchange Login

As of June 19, 2018 there are two FDLP eXchange websites:

1.  The Production site at:

The production site for FDLP exchange allows libraries to enter information on materials they want to discard and to have the process managed by an automated workflow. This is the "live" application.

2.  The Training site at:

The training site for FDLP eXchange allows libraries to test the application and learn how to use it.  Libraries should be aware that records in the training site are test records. Needs & Offers for materials that are actually being processed must be entered on the production site.  Note the URL specifically indicates the training version.

FDLP eXchange

The Government Publishing Office (GPO) FDLP eXchange replaces the former National Needs & Offers listing.

Like the ASERL Documents Disposition Database,  FDLP eXchange provides an automated workflow in managing the disposition process.  The application allows libraries to enter information on materials they want to discard as well as materials needed for their collections.

For more information, please visit:


The ASERL Documents Disposition Database has implemented two enhancements which facilitate the exchange of data already generated in the ASERL Disposition Database for use in FDLP eXchange:

1.  The export of expired offers.

2.  The export of needs lists, of particular importance for Centers of Excellence.

These features are described in detail via the links in the pull-down menu on this tab.

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