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ASERL Documents Disposition Database: All Offered Items Matching Search

A short guide to using this tool


Results from your search will appear in the All Offered Items Matching Search section.  If no search criteria is applied, then all items will be displayed.  This section will display up to ten items on a page.  The number of pages is indicated following the section name ("Page 1 of 1").  This section is formatted almost identically to the remaining two sections.  It starts with Action Buttons (in this case, "Claim Items" and "Export List").  Next is a table of relevant items followed by a key to some of the symbols used.  Note that items offered by your institution will not be shown in this table.

The columns in the table are:

  • Check Box - used to claim items
  • Superseded symbol - indicated by a bold "S", otherwise blank
  • Format symbol - CD (disk), paper (square page), video (video camera), map (globe), other (question mark)
  • Condition symbol - green (good), yellow (fair), red (poor)
  • SuDoc Stem/Number
  • Title (may be followed by a magnifying glass symbol if comments are provided)
  • Publication Start Date (not shown in picture)
  • Publication End Date (not shown in picture)
  • Offering Institution (followed by a magnifying glass symbol for quick access to contact details)
  • Date Submitted

The table may be sorted by clicking on one of the underlined column names.

Items may be claimed by clicking one or more of the check boxes and then clicking the "Claim Items" button.  Claiming an item will generate an email to both the offering institution and the claiming institution.  An item may not be unclaimed by the claiming institution.  If an item is claimed in error, the claimant should contact the offering the institution and ask them to reset the item.

If you wish to save your list into a spreadsheet, click the "Export List" button at the top of the section.  This will save your list in CSV format or allow you to open it immediately in Excel.

How it looks

All Offered Items Matchin Search section

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