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ASERL Documents Disposition Database: My Needs

A short guide to using this tool


The Needs List items entered or uploaded by your institution will appear in the My Needs section. This section will display up to ten items on a page.  The number of pages is indicated following the section name ("Page 1 of 1").   This section starts with Action Buttons (in this case, "Add Needs" and "Import Needs ").  Next is a table of needs specifications (needs-specs) followed by a key to some of the symbols used.

The columns in the table are:

  • Edit symbol - click this to edit the needs-spec.
  • Superseded symbol - indicated by a bold "S", otherwise blank
  • Format symbol - CD (disk), paper (square page), video (video camera), map (globe), other (question mark)
  • SuDoc Stem/Number which will be matched
  • Word or Phrase in Title which will be matched
  • Display Title which is used to make the needs-spec more human-readable.  It is not used for matching.  It may be followed by a magnifying glass symbol if comments are provided.
  • Publication From Date used to match items published on or after a certain date (not shown in picture)
  • Publication To Date used to match items published before or on a certain date (not shown in picture)
  • In COE Scope symbol (radar scope) indicates that this need is a Center of Excellence priority.
  • Auto Claim symbol (small gear over the letter A) indicates that the first offer matching this need will be automatically claimed.
  • Inactive symbol (gray circle) indicates that this needs-spec has previously found a match and is no longer being evaluated.

The table may be sorted by clicking on one of the underlined column names.

Single needs may be added using the "Add Needs" button.  A prepared list of needs may be added using the "Import Needs" button.  See the Creating a Needs List section for details on Adding and Importing needs.

What it looks like

My Needs section

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