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A short guide to using this tool


Use this guide as a reference for familiarizing yourself with the ASERL Documents Disposition Database.

The Concept


Title 44, Section 1912, of the U.S. Code states that Regional depository libraries may permit Selective depository libraries to dispose of Government publications which they have retained for five years after first offering them to other depository libraries within their area, then to other libraries.  The processes that have been developed to do this are cumbersome and time consuming for both selective and regional depository libraries, involving the distribution of emails, spreadsheets, word documents and paper lists.  The Association of Southeast Research Libraries (ASERL) has developed an online Documents Disposition Database that streamlines the process, thus reducing staff time for all libraries involved in the disposition process.

Click through the other tabs in this guide to get started with using the current release of the ASERL Documents Disposition Database.

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