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ASERL Documents Disposition Database: Needs List Export

A short guide to using this tool

How it works

Any library that has created a Needs list in the ASERL Documents Disposition Database can export their own Needs lists in a csv file template for import into FDLP eXchange.

  • The export template is designed to match the FDLP eXchange Needs template ( so that minimal editing will be required to import the file.
  • The various data elements used in each record (Title, Classification Type, Document Number, Format, etc.) are described in the FDLP eXchange Data Dictionary.  Please know that some of these elements are not used in the ASERL Disposition Database, and as such, the corresponding column in the csv template will be blank.
  • You have control over both the records that are chosen for export from the ASERL Documents Disposition Database and ultimately those you wish to import into FDLP eXchange. 

The link to "EXPORT NEEDS" is located under "My Needs":


When you click on the link, a pop-up box will appear that allows you to filter or exclude Needs records from your export file:



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