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ASERL Documents Disposition Database: Add Items

A short guide to using this tool


An offer may be a added as an individual title or as multiple items in a certain SuDoc range.  The form for entering a individual title is shown on the right.  The multiple items form differs in only two ways: 1) SuDoc Number changes to SucDoc Stem, and 2) Two publication dates are required; one for the start of the run and one for the end of the run.

Once Individual Title or Multiple Items has been selected, all other fields become active.  The asterisks indicate that a field is required.  The other fields are:

  • Superseded - a check box which is used to indicate that the item is not the most current release.
  • Item Format - a drop down list.  Select the format which most closely describes the item.
  • Title - supply the item's title up to 200 characters.
  • SuDoc Number/Stem - supply the complete SuDoc number if possible (unless you are offering a serial which requires only the SuDoc stem).  Needs matching depends on complete and accurate SuDoc numbers.  In SuDoc numbering, the colon marks the end of the SuDoc stem.  The colon is required if you will be entering more than just the stem.
  • Item Condition - choices are good, fair and poor.  Not sure which option to choose?  See:
  • Publication Date(s) - year is required, but other fields are optional.  The Season field may be used to indicate periods such as, "Summer" or "First Quarter".  This Season field will not be used for sorting.
  • Comments - may be used to highlight special characteristics of the item or missing issues.  It may be used later to note that a portion of the offer has been claimed.

The Save, Cancel, and Save & Add Another buttons are self explanitory.

Special processing note:
Serial Set Volumes   Y1.1/2: Vol. # in SuDoc field and Serial Set and Vol. # in the Title field (Serial Set 1234)

How it looks

Add Item Form for an Individual Title

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