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ASERL Documents Disposition Database: Edit Items

A short guide to using this tool


Editing an Offer works almost the same as adding an Offer.  First, find the Offer you wish to edit in the My Submitted Items panel.  The SuDoc number will appear as a link and will be underlined.  Click on this to bring up the Offer editing form.  During the first ten days of the Offer's posting, the Offer is only available to the institutions within your state or regional service area.  The system will allow you to correct any field during this time.  After ten days, the Offer begins to be visible to other ASERL institutions.  At this point, editing the Offer's primary fields could cause confusion and is not allowed.  The Comments field will remain editable for the entire life-cycle of the Offer.

Your Regional Depository will be notified of any edits to your Offers (except edits to Comments).  This is to ensure that your Regional does not miss an important Offer which may have been inaccurately listed earlier.

If you find a major error in an Offer after the ten day window has passed, the best course of action is to delete the Offer and submit it again using the correct information.

How it looks

Sample Edit Item Form

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