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ASERL Documents Disposition Database: My Submitted Items

A short guide to using this tool


Items that your institution is offering will appear in the My Submitted Items section. This section will display up to ten items on a page.  The number of pages is indicated following the section name ("Page 1 of 1").  This section starts with Action Buttons (in this case, "Add Items" and "Import Items ").  Next is a table of relevant items followed by a key to some of the symbols used.

The columns in the table are:

  • Superseded symbol - indicated by a bold "S", otherwise blank
  • Format symbol - CD (disk), paper (square page), video (video camera), map (globe), other (question mark)
  • Condition symbol - green (good), yellow (fair), red (poor)
  • SuDoc Stem/Number (appears as a link which may be used to access the item's comments and claims information)
  • Title (may be followed by a magnifying glass symbol if comments are provided)
  • Publication Start Date (not shown in picture)
  • Publication End Date (not shown in picture)
  • Claimed By (may show multiple institutions)
  • Date Submitted

The table may be sorted by clicking on one of the underlined column names.

Single items may be added using the "Add Items" button.  A prepared list of items may be added using the "Import Items" button.  See the appropriate pages for details on Adding and Importing items.

An example of the Item Information form is shown on the right.  This form is accessed by clicking on the item's "SuDoc Stem/Number" link.  From this form, you may add a comment, delete the item, or mark the item as "All Claimed".  This is most useful for offers which represent a range of items (like, all of SuDoc "X" between 1940 and 1960).  In these multi-item offers, you may wish to update the comments when a partial claim is made.  You may also indicate that all of the items from this offer have been claimed, thereby removing it from the list.  The "Delete Item" function should only be used when a mistake is made.  Deleting an item leaves no record of the offer in the system. 

The Claimant Information will only appear if there is a claim against the item.  Claims may be removed by the offering institution when appropriate.

What it looks like

My Submitted Items section

Item Information and Claimant Information

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