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Stack Management-Marston Science Library

Student supervisors are responsible for all the work done on an assigned floor or an assigned project. As a supervisor, you will work with a number of other student assistants who will help you with your floor or project. The floor supervisor must be in constant communication with the Stack Management Supervisor. You may be asked to work extra hours apart from your weekly schedule*, to develop weekly floor reports and to keep statistics. Shelving situations change daily, and you will be expected to assess the situation and act appropriately.

*You may be asked to work during finals week, break weeks, and holiday weekends. Also, you may be requested to work when the Stack Management Supervisor is absent.

  1. Check with the Stack Management Supervisor before you make any decisions about moving books or changing the order of materials on your floor.
  2. Supervise student assistants daily to make sure they are using their time wisely. Make sure you set a good example by using your time wisely. Contact the Stack Management Supervisor if you feel schedules need to be adjusted to meet the demands of the floors.
  3. Understand how to operate the public computers and how to search the catalog.
  4. Understand the workflow of each floor.
  5. Train student assistants about a specific workflow for a floor or project. Make sure student assistants are familiar with the location of all the items that are housed on each floor.
  6. Encourage shelf reading as a daily task.
  7. Ensure materials are cleared from the carts behind Circulation in a timely manner.
  8. Know how to operate the compact shelving on the 2nd floor. Ensure the compact shelving is in working order and alerting someone at Circulation or the Stack Management Supervisor when it is not.
  9. Assess space issues for growing books and periodicals and alert the Stack Management Supervisor when problems arise
  10. Assess problems regarding furniture placement and blocked aisles on all floors.


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