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Stack Management-Marston Science Library


Periodical with no others found on the shelf

Check to see if it is labeled with the correct call number and that it is in the correct library by looking it up in the library catalog. If it is not labeled correctly or belongs to another library bring it to the Stack Management Supervisor.

Book that seems out of place in the topic area it is found

Check to make sure that it is labeled with the correct call number label. If it is not, place it on the "Labeling Shelf" behind Circulation with a note containing the correct call number.

Book that has been used (not just sitting on the shelf) and is damaged. This means the cover could be falling off, pages falling out, water damage, etc.

If you are not sure if something is damaged, ask the Stack Management Supervisor or a Circulation Staff member.

Place the book on the "Damaged Items" shelf behind Circulation.

Book that the label is difficult to read, falling off, or missing

Place on the "Labeling Shelf" behind Circulation.

Book or Periodical that will not fit on the shelf because it is too tall

Shelve the book with the spine down (facing the shelf) with the call number facing out if it will fit. If it is too big or awkward for this, bring it to the Stack Management Supervisor so that it can be considered for transfer to the Oversize section.


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