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Stack Management-Marston Science Library

Floor Map

(See below for detailed instructions)

3rd Floor

This floor contains all of the periodicals we have in the building. Most are from 1990 to present, but there are a handful of titles that have older issues. Most of our older periodicals are in storage and can be requested through Interlibrary Loan. 


Bound volumes have one strip of green tape. The loose issues do not have green tape on them but have the letter 'P' written at the bottom of the call number label.


Identifying 3rd Floor Periodicals

Bound issues are dated 1990 to present, have Green Tape, and most have call numbers that are printed on the binding (while some do have printed labels).  Realize that the tape does come off at some point. It is just as easy to look at the year on the binding and flip through some pages to find the loose issue label for identification.


Loose issues do not have Green Tape. However, you can distinguish these from other loose issues by their Hand Written labels instead of a printed label. They will have the call number written on a white label with rounded corners and a line under it with a P(for periodical). 


PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO LOOK UP AN ITEM! If you’re not sure about where an item goes, just look it up in the catalog. If you get a loose or bound issue that is no.3 vol.45 2001 and there are no other issues on the shelf, it is most likely that either the book belongs on another floor or it actually belongs to another library, i.e. West, Education, HSC, etc. Also, issues may be mislabeled and need to be properly labeled and checked in. Please give these items to the Stack Management Supervisor.


Science Fiction

The science fiction reading nook is located on the 3rd floor. These books all have red tape. This section should be frequently shelf read since patrons are regularly browsing these items.  


Theses & Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations are bound items located on three rows on the east side of the atrium. These items are shelved by year/author's name. 


Florida State & Puerto Rico Documents 

Florida State & Puerto Rico Documents are located on the last 2 rows following the "Z" call range. These items are generally Agricultural Documents that could have no call number or call numbers from either the Dewey Decimal System or the Library of Congress System. 


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