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Stack Management-Marston Science Library

- No student will be allowed to work when he/she is scheduled for a class. VIOLATION OF THIS RULE MAY RESULT IN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION. 

- Visitors are not encouraged while you are working. Please keep all personal conversations to a minimum of one minute. It is your responsibility to inform your friends of this policy. Persons asking for you by phone or at the Circulation Desk will be told that they may leave a message.  Messages will be brought to you or left with the Stack Management Supervisor for you to pick up.

- Telephone calls made from library phones are discouraged. Social calls are not permitted. Personal telephone calls may only be made with the permission of the Stack Management Supervisor, and may only last one minute. Long distance phone calls are not allowed and may not be charged to the library.

- Computer use is regulated and there are a number of rules you need to follow when using the computers at work. Here are the Guidelines for Computer Use.

- ALSO, please understand that library staff are discouraged from giving out work schedules to the public. This confidentiality protects your privacy. Please respect your fellow workers' privacy, and do not give out any personal information to the public. 

- Turn off cell phones upon entering the library or switch them to silent or vibrate. You should not use your cell phone while on the clock. If you must take a call, do so in the office. Be sure to keep your voice down so as not to disturb others.

- Leave your belongings in the student office in a place out of the walkway. Taking your belongings or textbooks with you to shelve your books is not acceptable.

- You may bring a covered beverage with you during your shift. All other food and beverage is to be kept either in L215 (snacks only) or the staff lounge where you can take your break.

- Smoking is prohibited in the library and on the University of Florida campus.

- Studying and/or sleeping are, of course, never acceptable while on the clock. Using work time unwisely will be noticed, as your work is frequently checked.

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