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Stack Management-Marston Science Library

  • Book trucks are also referred to as carts.
  • Be careful when you maneuver book trucks. As you will find out some book trucks have one end that has wheels that swivel, and one end that does not swivel at all.
  • Always move book trucks by pushing them in front of you, rather than pulling them behind you. 
  • It does not matter if you have the swivel end or the fixed end closest to you, but be forewarned that if you try to move the fixed end of the book truck with too much force in the wrong direction, then the book truck may topple over.
  • Mind your (as well as others') feet and ankles, or else you could hurt yourself (or someone else).
  • Report book truck accidents to your supervisor or to the desk supervisor immediately if someone is injured.
  • Laptop cords are a problem in this library as many patrons choose to use outlets along the walls and string the cord across an aisle.
    • Please try not to run over laptop cords with book trucks.
    • Try to go around laptop cords whenever possible.
    • If you need to pass, tell the patron that you need to pass and give them the option of going over their cord or having them temporarily unplug it to let you pass.
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