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Library Technology Services: Bug Reporting

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Bug Reporting

Standard bug requests need sufficient information to be actionable. Minimum needed information is:

  • Were you able to repeat the error (have it happen in the same sequence at least twice)?
  • What day/time did the error occur?
  • What is the URL/location/where for the error?
  • What did you do and what happened?
  • What did you think should happen?
  • Note: If this is a repeated bug, it is great to reference existing reports, and it is great to include data on the frequency and impact of the issue. All technology has standard error rates (which are higher for certain uses and systems) and troubleshooting and correction is to ensure systems adhere to expected success/error rates.


  • Repeated more than twice, with variations by the full testing team
  • Error found on July 1 at 3:47pm
  • ARL PD Bank test site ( 
  • While logged in as an Institutional Administrator for Leicester, I typed "Diversity" in the main search box, selected "all institutions" and clicked search. The URL changed to the search URL, but the page was blank. I expected to receive a normal search result page (which should have many results with many postings with the word Diversity, including one test item for Leicester), just like I would in the live system. The team repeated the test, limiting to just Leicester (worked) and to All Institutions Except Mine (blank screen). Based on this, and the fact that the new functionality in test is for UK institutions, we tested with other test institutional logins and found the same errors whenever an item from an institution in the UK would have been returned in the results. One member of the testing group said this looked like a database issue, possibly with a stored procedure, or a cache needing to be reset; however, we don't have any information beyond the test process.
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