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Library Technology Services: Non-UF Domain Names (URLs)

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Non-UF Domain Names (URLs)

LTS follows general UF policies for Domain Names (URLs), including: 

While UF policies do allow for non-UFL domains (“Services associated with non-UFL.EDU name space may be provisioned and administered by UF staff under contract with external groups.”), this process requires management and time that is non-trivial. In order to ensure LTS can maintain any sites, LTS can only support those where there is clear need and value. Current methods for assessing this start with: 

  • The URL has been in use for a working website for over 2 years
  • The URL is for an external or collaborative program not controlled by UF 

If these two are met, then LTS will facilitate a discussion with the requester. Because this is a significant commitment, LTS representations on this discussion must include Laurie Taylor, Todd Digby, Cliff Richmond, Evan Wack, Mike Tyler, Will Chaney, Gus Clifton, and Matthew Daley. LTS will discuss with the requestor to determine the specifics of the need, and to ensure support for an appropriate time period can be met. Any agreements for non-UF URL support will be made for a time-limited period, not to exceed five years, and as defined by an MOU for service level expectations and contacts. If the MOU is not renewed prior to the end date, the URL support will end naturally upon non-renewal of the URL. Within LTS, any new requests and any questions on renewals are handled in consultation with the Chair of LTS and the Senior Director for LT&DS.  

 Currently, LTS supports these non-UFL and non-UFLIB domain names: 


Pending: draft of example MOU or other agreement formats. 

Review process conducted annually for MOUs. Review includes confirmation of contact people, of need/want for URL, and confirmation that the URL is functioning properly.

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