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Library Technology Services: Onboarding and Offboarding

Resources from Library Technology Services, for library employees

The Role of Library Technology Services in the Onboarding and Offboarding Process

LTS has a significant role in the employee onboarding and offboarding process and works closely with HR to develop a reliable and thorough process.

LTS’ involvement in the system begins with HR emailing the supervisor while CC’ing LTS to confirm the basic information such as name, Gatorlink, departments, and important dates.  At that time, the supervisor is asked to submit a Grover Request for Onboarding or Offboarding at .   It is preferred that the ticket be submitted as soon as possible but at least 5 days before the employee’s first/ last day, so the process is thorough and does not result in avoidable mistakes.


It is the goal of LTS to ensure that a new employee is able to work on day one.  We do this by collaborating with HR, Fiscal Services, and Facilities to ensure all access, permissions, and technology are ready to go before they step into the building on their first day.

LTS’s role in onboarding includes granting permissions, setting up new employees with computer equipment, phones, and a technology orientation, including cybersecurity and best practices.

Frequently asked questions during the onboarding process:

  • What Alma roles does my employee need?
    Here is a list of roles and descriptions provided by FLVC 

  • Where is the best place to store my data?
    All new hires will use OneDrive for storage.  Please refer to the link provided for more information regarding OneDrive.

  • Springhare – What tools are available to me?

  • What is the “Network Managed By” relationship?
    This relation identifies the user to a particular department within the Libraries and gives LTS access to manage their account.  It also maps the department’s storage drive, Z, to their login.

  • What are User Groups?
    User groups are Active Directory (AD) Memberships.  The AD database includes distribution and security groups needed for email lists, access to SAN folders, and mailboxes, among other fundamental permissions. 


Successful offboarding will prevent knowledge loss within the Libraries and lessen security risks.  LTS’s role in offboarding includes removing online permissions and physical access to library areas, data backup, and asset recovery of IT equipment.

Supervisors are asked to return physical keys and assigned technology such as laptops and remote items before or on the employee’s last physical day in the office.   It is also helpful to indicate in the ticket whether permissions can be removed on the employee’s last physical day or need to wait until their official last day.

Please have your employee place a voicemail and out-of-office messages stating they have left the University or George A. Smathers Libraries and who to contact for assistance.

Frequently asked questions during the offboarding process:

  • What happens to the employee’s email access after separation?
    Mail is not transferred to the supervisor unless specifically requested
    Email access standard expiration is 30 days after separation unless the emeritus status is given; then, they can keep the email address
  • How long does the employee have access to UF Cloud storage after termination?
    Employees are allowed access to OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox for 30 days after termination date. U: and Z: access is removed on termination date or last day on campus, as indicated by the supervisor in the Off-boarding Grover ticket.
  • Is all employee data automatically backed up?
    If the supervisor requests, the employee’s PC will be backed up. 
    If the employee had a U: drive, that data is sent to the supervisor’s U: or desktop
    LTS does not have access to employees’ OneDrive accounts.  Please remember to have the employee transfer any OneDrive files needed and Teams account ownership to another staff member.
  • What accounts need to be removed or transferred?
    Any library related Active Directory user memberships
    Alma roles
    Departmental mailbox access

    Springshare accounts, do they need to be redirected to another unit member?
    Are there social media accounts?

    People Counter TMAS access
    If the person is a member of ARCS or on other sites (and LibGuides), please be sure to contact the appropriate people to have those sites updated.
  • What about the employee’s MS Teams account?
    LTS does not manage MS Teams accounts.  However, you need to be aware of some items as a supervisor.
    • What team(s) is the employee an owner?  You will need to assign a new owner, or the groups will become orphaned or unmanaged.
    • Remove the employee from the team(s) that they are a member.  Only the owner of the team can do this.

Transfers within the Library

Transfers within the Smathers Libraries require two separate tickets to be submitted in Grover.  The outgoing department needs to submit an offboarding ticket and the new department an onboarding ticket.  This is done, so the employee does not retain any unneeded access and receives any additional permissions necessary for their new position.

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