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Library Technology Services: UFDC User FAQ & Testing Suggestions

Resources from Library Technology Services, for library employees


The new UFDC FAQ is here:

This LibGuide is an internal, staff guide, so user-facing documentation is on the LTS website for the initial release (and after, optimal location for users will be determined once the FAQ stabilized post-migration).

Testing Suggestions

Testing should follow the format for user stories (As a [user/persona], I want to [some goal], so that [some reason]). Error reports should follow the standard process for bug reporting.

For supporting ease on basic testing, here are examples of things to test in general at the system level:

  • Search for a serial item in the Title Sets. Does it come up?
  • Go to Advanced Search and search for a title. Does it come up?
  • On the genres list, click an option. Does it work?
  • On a particular item
    • Review the item views
      • Do they work?
      • Anything missing?
    • Review the metadata. Is anything critical missing?
    • Try the social media links: do they work as expected?


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