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Library Technology Services: Web, UFLIB Domains, & LibApps

Resources from Library Technology Services, for library employees

Web Recommended Resources

The list below is to support next-stage training plans, new employee orientation, and for use by LTS for ease of referencing, referring, and recommending resources. 

User Need
Recommended System/Support
Core Contact Person/Process


(Main units, committees, officially supported programs)


Gus Clifton and Matthew Daley

Conference sites LibGuides or UFLIB Domains/Reclaim Hosting Local LibApp adminstrator or Web Team (Gus, Matthew, Will)

Library Guides


Local LibApp administrator or Will Chaney and the Web Team

Project Management

MS Teams and Trello

User self-service; questions will be collected to support any needs

Publishing and Repository

Open Journal Systems (OJS) 

Kat Nguyen


Tracy MacKay-Ratliff


Todd Digby

Data in Zenodo and Dataverse

Plato Smith

Archives in ArchivesSpace

Chris Nicolich and the Software Team

  Web Archiving with WayBack Machine and Conifer (was Chelsea Johnston and Perry Collins

Conference Proceedings


Kat Nguyen

Digital Scholarship/Publishing Projects

UFLIB Domains/ReclaimHosting: Omeka, Scalar, WordPress, & others

Tracy MacKay-Ratliff


UFLIB Domains/ReclaimHosting: WordPress

Todd Digby

Online exhibits


Exhibits Program (Lourdes & Liz)



Center for Teaching Excellence

Code Versioning


User self-service; with new UF implementation, Plato Smith

Assessment/Data Analysis


Laura Spears

Digital Displays

UF Signage & Scala

Matthew Daley



Paula de la Cruz-Fernandez

Social Media Varies Alex Avelino
Digitally signed documents & routing DocuSign Joe Piazza
File Sharing/Shared Folders

Share Drives

One Drive (with MS Teams and Sharepoint)

UF DropBox

UF Fast-path approved tools See: Contact LTS for contacts
Calendars for workshop/event scheduling LibCal Many, Cynthia Digby for Training and contact LTS for contacts
Citation Management Zotero Tiffany Esteban, in the LTS software portal
Org Charts and Diagramming LTS or use Grover if any questions
Wikipedia Editing See resources on GLAM editing, or on Wikipedia and teaching No contacts yet, recommended that people use the Wikipedia training
Link shortener UFL link shortener

Polls for webinars/virtual meetings Polls in Zoom See the Zoom help page and resources on teaching with polls (web searching has many results, including resources like this from UFIT

Please remember that UFApps includes many types of software that may be of interest:

University of Florida Home Page

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