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Library Technology Services: New UFDC

Resources from Library Technology Services, for library employees

UFDC Workstreams

Work for 2022: Six Streams

1. UFDC Patron site (includes OAI)

2. DSS production, ongoing: NDNP ingests, ETD ingests, ETD unembargo, stats, supporting UFAR issues, supporting Tesseract issues, space/storage monitoring and requesting to prevent work stoppages - this will be the UFDC Toolkit, which will eventually replace SMART, MAW, and other DLC toolbox tools, over a long time. Includes Sobek retirement/succession work.

3. DSS improvements and production rebuilds: spreadsheet and MARC import with SMART not working, must be replaced with new (process expected to begin with spreadsheet importer). Includes Sobek retirement/succession work.

4. Data workflow pipeline for stability, sustainability, and maintainability: METS re-save to establish baseline, UFAR vs Tivoli report, refining understanding for future work for full/proper digital preservation. Includes Sobek retirement/succession work.

5. Digital preservation system (from concept and storage, with parts, to full system). Includes Sobek retirement/succession work.

6. Support as applied to the New College of Florida instance. Includes Sobek retirement/succession work.

Examples of completed updates from post-launch

  • Serial hierarchy
  • Most recent items on collection pages
  • Audio/Video with transcript viewer
  • Reduced spacing on statistics pages
  • Updates from curator review of collection pages, complete and always pending regular annual updates
  • Collection updates from METS resaves (thousands in process and completed as of Oct. 2022)
  • Completion of updates requested through usability testing and ongoing user feedback
  • OAI feed updates for SSDN and JSTOR

Serial Hierarchy

All volumes link appears when the item appers in all_vids_in_bibid:

  • For serials:
    • Serial info, endpoint on API, which is an array, which contains data about the issues, so if array is greater than 0, then shows the link
    • Serial info, pulled from the database:
      • Text
      • Level
      • Order

Looking at updating to be sure of proper functioning for serials, and for non-serial sets, like:


Focus of Current Work

As of May 2022, the focus of work is shifting to be on production with the new UFDC Toolkit in development, and on digital preservation systems. Of course, this is simply the focus of effort, with all 6 streams requiring ongoing support and activity.

Post-Release Work

This is now legacy data, here only for reference:

If needed, please report any needs to for routing/tracking.


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