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Library Technology Services: New UFDC

Resources from Library Technology Services, for library employees

New UFDC Important Dates

Alpha sites:

Staging sites (UF VPN required): 

Recorded info sessions: for all staff & AskA:

Original UFDC live with Gatorlink login prior to launch:

Beta, once live will be,, and

Live, for aerials-specific user needs:

After November 29: tracking issues/questions

  • Update: 0 downtime (Planned production pause for 1 week because has never been done in 15 years; expecting unknown unknowns)
Sprint Work for 2022 Ongoing Tasks & Curation Work

2022, Jan. sprint - confirming in early January 

  • Frontend, Julio and Dustin
    • Add aggregations to show under dLOC: GuyanaGenderHub, ILLMC, AHCP
    • Fix auto-redirect
    • Donor showing with "(<i>donor</i>)" as in this record and all in this collection:
    • dLOC Mobile view, hamburger menu, expanded has Header.Explore instead of Explore
    • Updates on aggregations since Nov (in Teams folder); all updates are there
    • Add "Series Title" to options for fields to search in advanced search:
    • dLOC: Image missing for this collection: and should be same as image for IUVI. File in folder for updates. Image is there in UFDC, just not DLOC
    • Routing, need to have item (if dLOC), going to dLOC interface when from external (or, if dLOC and not UF); determine with NGINX or other
    • Working on Spanish/French interface for FDNL (will continue through March)
    • Show FDNL titles on a map, like UNT
  • Usability testing and other work for the Florida Digital Newspaper Library as part of ARPA grant (all year)
    • Hire, orient, and assign work to student worker for this grant
  • Importing existing statistics into new UFDC (Jeremiah)
  • Metrics dashboard in Grafana, for monitoring and users (Jeremiah)
  • Updater utility (Doug)
  • ElasticSearch, reconfigure to use HTTPS as required by UFIT (Doug)
  • Sort by date, ascending and descending (Doug)
  • Security meeting (Cliff, Doug)
  • Confirming Lib-Sobek and Lib2k8 end of life dates as 10/2023 (Cliff) 
  • Checking on LIMB server RAID, if RAID 0, developing plan (Cliff)
  • Consulting with UFIT on plans and status for Tivoli operations and storage, to inform next steps for digital preservation systems (Cliff)
  • New College, import from spreadsheet (Richard)
  • Builder documentation (Richard)
  • Production database documentation (Richard)
  • Find/compile DDT documentation, update Teams (Cliff, Todd, Laurie)


  • NDNP ingests
  • ETD ingests
  • ETD unembargo
  • Usage stats on original UFDC (for at least Jan, then assess)
  • Add new, update, remove aggregations (for UFDC, or UFDC and dLOC, or UFDC and FDNL)
  • UFAR: supporting issues
  • Tesseract: supporting issues
  • New FLVC space - monitor and request

Curator work:

  • Notify LTS when collections can be removed for collections that only exist as workarounds (searching within a title; 2 items linked by series title)

Known priority needs for next sprints:

  • Evaluating items with missed milestones, to find correction/solution to ensure all are included in the patron interace (and greater understaning of how milestones are/are not used overall)
  • Restrictive searches using quotes
  • Overall data workflow pipeline work, to ensure quality patron interface and overall supportive systems for all aspects
  • OAI-PMH feed, required for feed to catalog (if pursuing) and recommended for DPLA - both planned for ARPA grant for FDNL




Post-Release Work

For updates as of 11/18, see the Wayback Machine or see PDF attached for listing.

Pending items before roadmap:

  • Issues from launch: tracking issues/questions here
  • Updating utility to regularly update Elasticsearch from production (ETL consistent tooling, inbound, templating logic, process to ensure patron data into must be clean and complete with prod pushing into patron for consumption)

Please report any needs to for routing/tracking.

DSS Production: The new system is making existing needs more visible. Known needs are being tracked here.

LTS: List below being updated. As of 10/15/2021, after confirmination to use METS as the source of truth (with no other source available), METS are being seen more, and there are extensive needs. LTS is assessing for possible correction routes, with several items listed in the PDF for 2022-2023.

See list of requests (these are descriptions, so will need further development) for 2022.

After launch in November, work on these will begin with review and roadmap, to lay out plans for Q1-Q4 of 2022. Time and planning include developing maintenance schedules, and held capacity as variance to support immediate needs (expected 20% for 2022). Ongoing: DDT reporting will be on planned deliverables for each quarter, on status. Documentation following TRAC/TDR will be part of the target goals as part of the work for 2022-2023.


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