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Library Technology Services: New UFDC

Resources from Library Technology Services, for library employees

New UFDC Important Dates

Alpha sites (partially up as of 10/20):

Staging sites (UF VPN required): 

Recorded info sessions: for all staff & AskA:

Important dates (may accelerate/delay):

  • Oct. 21: LTS presents on new UFDC
  • Oct. 25: LTS updates note with link to current portal headers (UFDC/dLOC) on new site;
    • Alpha, internal release (meeting MVP, minimum viable product)
      • Note: Collections are off with structural/technical metadata not updated. Team is developing solution, which requires re-indexing, which takes 11 days.
    • LTS emails NCF to let them know on access for use as model for them
    • Reminder to AskA Librarian that this is coming
    • LTS updates template text for the usage stat emails to alert on the change
    • Todd will create a UFDC contributors email list, and email all myUFDC users about Zotero/Hypothesis, and on stats process
  • Nov. 17: new UFDC presentation by Todd at the town hall
  • Nov. 18: user stories (user-centered; t/f validation, acceptance; determines documentation needed)
  • Nov. 29:
    • Full, worldwide release of new, beta UFDC
    • Original UFDC moves to
    • Plan production pause for 1 week. Will be shorter, if possible, but has never been done in 15 years; expecting unknown unknowns
    • Check status of all systems dependent on baseURL: RSS feeds, writing of sitemaps; login; editing; others TBD
    • Existing UFDC will remain for UFDC-production, and will become into 2023
    • Remove collections that only exist as workarounds (need for canned searches; searching within a title)
    • Discuss (if possible to do), disabling new user accounts from non-UFL emails?
  • 2022-2023: 
    • After the beta release, LTS is projecting 2 years of ongoing work for refinements, enhancements, and preservation integration.
    • October 2023: original UFDC may be able to remain in use for all users (if it can remain up); October 2023 is a hard deadline for security, and options are being developed (internal-only, is that acceptable, if Solr removed, etc.)

New UFDC Patron; Updates from Stakeholders

Updates from Stakeholder Review for MVP, last update Sept.

Pending DDT Review & Next Steps Done
MVP: IP restriction support; including front-end display that they need to be on VPN - waiting on work by UFIT to allow new servers to access the files. Once we have access, will need 2-10 days to load to system, and then testing.

Changed "titles" at top to "title sets".

For pre-set sample search, added explanation of why Gainesville shows, to be clear that this is one of many examples.

MVP: Main search - request for multi-match (so all metadata displaying and full text) instead of only full tex Update homepage "type" to genre (uses elasticsearch to present more concise listing; example -  combines periodicals, periodical, periodicals.)

MVP: Updating utility to regularly update Elasticsearch from production (ETL consistent tooling, inbound, templating logic, process to ensure patron data into must be clean and complete with prod pushing into patron for consumption)

Updated side facet to include genre
All Stakeholders - what else for the FAQ? What trainings are needed? Logos/banners for collections/partners changed to generic, pending real

Performance optimization; test coverage

Updated sort for collections/partners to be alpha on shortname (names to remove initial spaces, quotes for correct order)

Preparing for URL swings, DNS, etc.

Corrected typos in footer (Additional), Template banner (coming)

Genre item counts from list to results do not match; may be corrected with elasticsearch, researching

Date search functionality; search now in top right

Gus to update UFLIB web search blocks, for go-live on 11/29

Showing all files in downloads (explicitly excluded: JPG, JP2, TIF)
Searching within collection and title, updates pending for ease as described by Dustin in 9/16 and 10/15 meetings, including changing text on advanced and text search pages for greater user ease, especially with this being new functionality from old UFDC and so easy for confusion Main search is full text

Some aggregations (icsa, icgcmiami, ifgcu, iace, iudo, iufjudmusic) are not showing correct number of results, and items are not in Solr. Issue determined to be structural/technical metadata not updated. There are 3 (instead of 1) ways to represent aggregations. This is queued for updating. Requires re-indexing. Re-indexing takes approximately 11 days.

3 ways: <sobekcm:procParam> <sobekcm:Aggregation>ALL</sobekcm:Aggregation> <sobekcm:Aggregation>WORLD</sobekcm:Aggregation> <sobekcm:Aggregation>EURO1</sobekcm:Aggregation> <sobekcm:Aggregation>IUF</sobekcm:Aggregation> <sobekcm:procParam> <sobekcm:Collection.Primary>UFIR</sobekcm:Collection.Primary> <sobekcm:Collection.Alternate>FLAENT</sobekcm:Collection.Alternate> <sobekcm:procParam> <sobekcm:Collection.Primary>EURO1</sobekcm:Collection.Primary> <sobekcm:SubCollection>FRF</sobekcm:SubCollection>

Citation page, search within the item

Private and DARK items, to not show citation pages if possible

Collection/partner pages, grey text, change to "Search within X collection" or Search within this collection
Updates for most-current collection counts and status Programming files (of .c, .c++, .js, .java and .swf) in downloads, excluded to prevent harm on local user machines. 

Title sets page, add text to top of page to explain: Title Sets refer to publications that were published in successive order. This collection provides access to newspapers, journals, magazines, newsletters, and other serial publications.

"Once you are looking at the Gainesville Sun record, how do you get to the entire run of the serial? " - this is a request to have a link on all serial items that goes to the listing for all items/listing of title in title sets Partner Collection naming: standard ACRONYM: COLLECTION NAME
New request - to have the aerial photography list (by county/ date/ flight/ tile) See “Flights by County” list in old UFDC (looking at immediate option outside of UFDC as reference page, to ensure this works sooner) Removed banners from landing pages
FDNL portal (and others), when searching within a title, move to item text search, to enable filters on these Flipbook, ensure page 1 appears on right (so that cover not on the left)
Updates for revision in the FDNL portal: filters be changed for search/browses to:
Add location (and to add region; possible, does data exist?)
Add Title

FDNL: Remove "sets" from "Title Sets"

Remove genre from newspapers (top link, remove) and middle link, change to go to publisher

Is it possible to add a “Subject: Geographic Area" filtering option like we have in the current UFDC? It seems useful for getting a feel for what’s in generic collections like World maps MVP: dLOC and FDNL portals (staging servers with functionality dLOC and FDNL)
Advanced search: can "and" search options be "and or" for functions? JP2 files show in list of options to download. (not in Sobek; concerns on breaking boutique in Aerials)
Genre: request to have genre persist for refining search MVP: Zoomable images
Update BIBs with multiple VIDs to have a link to see all volumes Remove banners from aggregations (on main landing page and when search/browse)
  Cleanup of aggregations, and all HTML pages; creation of initial logos
Text files not showing for download - requires updated mets files to have text files in structmap - this is a needed rewrite for all METS files. Will want to plan along with other updates for patron/prod wrt mets Aerials - question on Alachua - issue as of 7/28 is that items have main lat/lon which is in use for defining the area, but it does not actually define the area. DDT refactoring process to index all of the points with data to use all mapcoordinates (hundreds for each items), and will then have to reindex

MVP: Statistics - new initial page is a dashboard. Stats include break-down on a per-month and per-collection basis.


Investigating errors on page order for text files. For interim, using filename order, so that page images and text files can be matched together. This will cause problems, but problems of following struct map appear to be worse. Needs investigation. 


  Update base metadata; add: EAD, donor, creator-role, box, folder, volume, issue, scale
  Robots.txt workflow
  Updated list of collections (468) with core UF/external contacts; maintained by LT&DS; annual review, like other digital systems, as listed on policies page of this LibGuide
  Update base metadata; add: Related URLs
  Request from Jim C. to have default results be the brief view. Discussed with group, and thumbnail preferred. But, folks would like to see if a bit more text could be shown, and updated
  Full server setup for actual go-live
  User report of difficult navigation in map search. Map starts zoomed out and in selection mode. Suggest start in navigation mode. Updated to start in nav mode.
  Correction made from where this collection page had browse, and then the footer; missing stats: and from an item, the link to the aggregation is capitalized, and so does not work, from this page:
  SEO, initial work (cyclic work required)
  Corrections on Map it for items, couple of tickets
  New user request: "Map search needs a search bar for typing in a location/address to quickly narrow search.
  FDNL portal, make a list of all titles (700), see
  Fixed search with elasticsearch. Error no longer exists: Searching for title and date comes up with many results for a single day, even though not all are correct; see . Is this correct? If so, best explanation for the FAQ on this
  Updated logos, text, header images (expected by 10/15) for select needs
  Problems from mis-application of FDNL/FDNL1; same as issue with dLOC/DLOC1  - in queue for correction with new elastic load
  Updates for revision in the FDNL portal: filters be changed for search/browses to:
Remove mediatype
Remove creator
  From user, request is to reduce size of title for item views: "The information (header, object title, sharing options, etc.) take up too much space at the top of the page. Should be condensed/collapsed to help with smoother navigation. For instance, if you are looking at an image that is very long and you click on it to zoom in or to turn a page in the scanned images, the screen shifts upwards to the top of the page . (See example "
  Updated: On the “Map It” page within the record for an aerial flight, need to indicate which aerial is being selected and then it needs to take the patron to the aerial that has been clicked on. See old UFDC Vs New UFDC  - needs validation if working, or queue for correction if not

After Release, Next Work

List below being updated. As of 10/15/2021, after confirmination to use METS as the source of truth (with no other source available), METS are being seen more, and there are extensive data consistency and integrity issues. These are not system problems. These need data fixes. LTS is assessing for what the possible correction routes are.

See list of requests (these are descriptions, so will need further development) for 2022. After launch in November, work on these will begin with review and roadmap, to lay out plans for Q1-Q4 of 2022.

Time and planning include developing maintenance schedules, and held capacity as variance to support immediate needs (expected 20% for 2022).

Ongoing: DDT reporting will be on planned deliverables for each quarter, on status.


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