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Library Technology Services: New Project Workflow

Resources from Library Technology Services, for library employees

New Project Workflow

Following compassionate computing practices, LTS liaises and consults with others in the libraries to support development of any potential new projects. Initial requests may be initiated with a meeting, Grover ticket, or other contact. 

Depending on the type, size, and complexity of the project, the first step will often be completion of a Case Briefing. The Case Briefing is a communication document to communicate, at a minimum:

  • Aboutness of a project
  • Goals for a project, and means for evaluating successful outcomes
  • Costs, risks, and other concerns
  • Technical requirements, recommendations, and timeline
  • Foundation for project management planning


  1. The Chair of LTS collaborates with others to develop the Case Briefing, and with members of the LTS team, as applicable.
  2. Once the Chair has reviewed and endorses the Case Briefing, the Briefing goes to the Senior Director, who asks any additional questions.
  3. Once this review completes, the Senior Director presents the Case Briefing to the Dean.
  4. The Dean's review may surface any further questions and potential approval and prioritization.
  5. Once approved and prioritized, work is queued or begins, and follows the standard LTS project portfolio for tracking, with regular springs and no less than quarterly reporting.
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