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Governor's House Library and St. Augustine: Salcedo House (42 St. George Street)

Resources and information for researching the history of St. Augustine and using Governor's House Library.

Salcedo House History

The Salcedo House is a reconstructed example of a First Spanish Period (1565-1763) structure. The original occupants of the home are unknown at this time. In 1784, Spanish Artillery Captain Pedro Jose Salcedo purchased the two-story structure built of coquina. After this death, the home was occupied by Haitian General Georges “Jorge” Biassou. The Salcedo House was reconstructed by the State of Florida in 1962 on its original foundations, which were discovered in an archaeological excavation.

The Salcedo Kitchen is a reconstructed example of a detached kitchen of a First Spanish Period (1784-1821) home. Not much information is currently known about the original kitchen of the Salcedo House. The kitchen was reconstructed by the State of Florida simultaneously with the home from 1962-1965.

The full Wikipedia entry for the Salcedo House and Kitchen is available here.

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