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Governor's House Library and St. Augustine: Governor's House Finding Aids

Resources and information for researching the history of St. Augustine and using Governor's House Library.

Research Collection

Our Research Collection contains archaeology records, historical research, interpretive material, and administrative files that were both collected and created by the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board in their efforts to reconstruct Spanish Colonial properties in St. Augustine. These records provide us with contextual information that helps us better understand the changes made to St. Augustine's streetscape over time. The Research Collection is currently being reprocessed; please email library staff about the current state and holdings of this collection.

Map Collection

Our Map Collection contains nearly 900 maps of St. Augustine, Florida, and the Southeastern United States. Many of our maps were collected from other cultural heritage institutions around the globe and were primarily used by the Preservation Board to pinpoint the exact location of the original homes they reconstructed. They date from the late 1500s all the way to the 1980s.


Photograph Collection

Our photograph collection consists of over 28,000 photographs in slide, negative, and print format. Most of these photographs were taking by Preservation Board staff members between 1959-1997 and illustrate their work and the evolution of the built environment in St. Augustine. Many of these photos are unique to our collection and are a valuable resource in exploring the more recent history of St. Augustine.


Architecture Collection

Our Architecture Collection contains original design records for each building restored or reconstructed by the Preservation Board, as well as the 1900, 1935, and 1968 renovations to Government House. We also hold a variety of Historic American Building Survey drawings of historic buildings in Northeast Florida.


Digital Collections

Many of our collection items have been digitized and are available for patrons to access remotely through the University of Florida's Digital Collections. We look forward to continuing to add digital material to our site in the future.


Other Online Resources

For additional online resources, we encourage you to visit our Facebook and Instagram pages, our pages on WhatWasThere and HistoryPin, and our blog, which is accessible through the Blog tab on this website. You may also find information useful to you on the website for Governor’s House Cultural Center and Museum.

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