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Library Technology Services: Supporting Hybrid Interview Presentations

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Supporting Hybrid Interview Presentations

Supporting Hybrid Interview Presentations  

Onsite/hybrid interview announcements are normally sent to the All Staff email list. LTS watches for these announcements and uses them to create tickets to track/support for hybrid onsite presentations. The search committee chair, identified in the message, and the person sending the message from the Library HR Office will be “notify” on the Grover ticket. 

LTS will:  

  • Day(s) prior: Test the room, to ensure all equipment remains in working order.  

  • Day of: have a person in the room immediately prior (15-30 minutes, varied based on Search Committee preference) for room confirmation of setup. 

The Search Committee will:  

  • Two days prior: Contact LTS if they do not see a Grover generated or if someone from LTS does not contact the Search Committee at least 2 business days prior to the interview, and/or if they have some technology-based question or concern about the hybrid presentation session.  

  • Day of: Have a Search Committee member in the Zoom room to support any needs (e.g., monitoring for questions, admitting people if the waiting room is used, sound checks for remote participants, etc.). 

  • It is the Search Committee chair’s responsibility to advise LTS if they have additional hybrid sessions (outside of the presentation) that they would like to have supported and if they have additional needs (e.g., additional mics in the room, etc.). 

See also, Accessibility Rights/Responsibilities for Remote Access to Meetings:   

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