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Aleph@UF: Affiliated Libraries List

Cataloging procedures and policies

Affiliated Libraries List

List as if 2011

Updated by Jorge Gonzalez, June 2019

Affiliated Libraries (as of June 2019)
Most current information found:

  • Division of Plant Industry [[Liaisons: Tara Cataldo - Jorge Gonzalez]  Agreement was last updated 1993. Has 10,000+ records in the catalog.  It is our largest affiliate collection.  Action / re-negotiate agreement.

  • Harn Museum Bishop Study Center [Liaisons: Ann Lindell - Jorge Gonzalez]  Agreement is from March 2007 and has 1,200+ records in the catalog.  Action / re-negotiate agreement.

  • Herbarium [Liaisons: Tara Cataldo - Jorge Gonzalez]  Draft agreement of 1993 not finalized. Has 2,400+ records in the catalog (third largest affiliate).  Agreement renewed 2016.
  • Research and Engineering Education Facility [Liaisons: Amy Buhler - Jorge Gonzalez]  Agreement is from December 2005 but only has ~5 records in the catalog.  Action / suppress current records and discontinue if no change is status

  • Government House - St. Augustine [Liaisons: John Nemmers – Jorge Gonzalez – Paul Kirk] – (hired coordinator at Location) Agreement status: unknown

  • Tamara Cohen LGBT Resource Library [Liaisons: Greg Allen - Colleen Seale]. Tamara Cohen LGBT Resource Library, J. Wayne Reitz Union Suite 2210, UF Campus. Agreement status: unknown
  • UF/IFAS Plant Diagnostic Center Library  [Liaisons: Suzanne Stapleton - Jorge Gonzalez]. 2570 Hull Rd., UF Campus. Agreement established 2018.
  • CityLab-Orlando [Liaisons: Ann Baird - Jorge Gonzalez] University of Florida Graduate School of Architecture, 135 West Central Blvd. Suite 500, Orlando, FL 32801. Agreement established 2019.

Discontinued Affiliated Libraries

  • Coastal Archives [Liaison: None]  This collection was closed and transferred to UF Libraries during Summer 2007.  Closed
  • Institute of Black Culture [Liaison: None]  Status closed and catalog records have been removed.  Closed

  • University Center for Excellence in Teaching [Liaison: None]  Collection has been absorbed by the Education Library and no longer exists.  Closed

  • Nuclear and Radiological Engineering [Liaisons: Amy Buhler - Jorge Gonzalez]  Agreement is from August 2005 and has 3,500+ records in the catalog (second largest affiliate).  Closed, some of collection integrated into Marston.

IFAS off-campus Affiliated Libraries

IFAS Centers [Liaisons: Valrie Minson - Jorge Gonzalez]  The following data has been provided by Val and Jorge Gonzalez.  Those collections that will continue have singed new agreement form.  Those that will be discontinued have their records removed from the library catalog.


  • Belle Glade / 3,548 records / continue (contact and services still available)
  • Homestead / 823 records / continue (contact and services still available)
  • Lake Alfred / 5,246 / continue (contact and services still available)

Discontinued Affiliated IFAS Libraries

  • Apopka / 748 records / discontinue (no activity)
  • Bradenton / 5 records / discontinue (no activity)
  • Ft. Lauderdale / 76 records / discontinue (no activity)
  • Ft. Pierce / 1,356 records / discontinue (no activity  -  closing soon?)
  • Immokalee / 887 records / discontinue (no activity)
  • Jay / 76 records / discontinue (no activity)
  • Monticello / 1 records / discontinue (test record  -  no activity)
  • Ona / 1 record / discontinue (test record  -  no activity)
  • Vero Beach / 1 records / discontinue (test record  -  no activity)
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