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Aleph@UF: How to Delete Bibliographic, Item and Holding Records in Aleph

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Last updated September 2019 by Doug Smith

How to Delete Bibliographic, Item and Holding Records in Aleph

There several scenarios for deleting records in Aleph, depending on whether other records are attached to the bib you want to delete. This procedure does not deal with moving item or holding records, only with deleting records.

  • The simplest case is a bib with no item, holding, or order records attached. In this case,  go to "Record Manager" in the title bar. From the drop down select "Total Delete". A pop up will ask "are you sure you want to delete record #####?" . Select "Yes". A "Record Check Delete Warning/Errors " pop-up window will show that there is an ADM record attached. Note the green question mark icon. When you see this icon, Aleph will allow the user to continue the action. Choose "Override". The record is deleted.

  • When you export a record form OCLC in error, you can often delete the newly created bib record without having to delete an ADM record if you immediately go to Aleph and follow the directions above.

  • If there is an item record and/or a holding record attached to the bib record you wish to delete, both will have to be deleted before the bib can be deleted. 
    • To delete the item record(s), go to the item tab, highlight the item record you wish to delete and click the "Delete" button on the right.
    • To delete a holding record, you will first need to unlink or delete any attached item records. When there are no item records attached to the holding, place your cursor any place in the holding record and press CTRL r. You will be asked if you really want to delete the holding. Choose "Yes".

Important: You cannot delete a bib or item record in Aleph when there is an order record attached. If you are unable to move the order to a new bib/item you willl have to suppress the item record.

Important: Do not add status (STA field) suppressed to a bib record. These STA fields can only be used with holding records. Never use STA DELETE in any record.

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