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RDS@UF: Moving items to a different BIB record in Alma

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Moving Items

Last updated by Hank Young, August 2021

Moving items to a different BIB record in Alma


Step 1: Find the record you want to relink the item to

Find the record you want to move things to in Alma.  If it is not in the Network Zone/Institution Zone, go ahead and create these records, as well as the holdings/inventory record.

Step 2: Call up the item record

Call up item list (by barcode, title, OCLC number, MMSID, etc…) and Edit the item you want to move.

Step 3: Moving the item record to where you want it
From the item screen, select

Then click inside the box that says Select from a list

And it will bring up a search screen.

Search for your title using the basic search box

And choose the Bibliographic record you want to link to.

A list of holdings records will appear

Click on the radio button next to the holding you want to relink to and click on Select (in the top right corner)

Edit the item record as needed and Save

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